Unique – Legendary – Diverse: The Tourist & Convention Authority's new marketing campaign in three words.

Publication date: 24/03/2023
In front of 200 guests at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo on 21 March, the director of the Tourist & Convention Authority, Guy Antognelli, looked back at the last year in tourism for the Principality and unveiled the new marketing campaign. 

The official slogan of the Tourist & Convention Authority's new marketing campaign is "Like Nowhere Else". The phrase symbolises the promise of an exlcusive experience in the Principality of the kind that simply cannot be found anywhere else. It can be summed up in three words: Unique - Legendary - Diverse. 

Monaco is a world famous destination, legendary thanks to the incredible people who have written its history, unique by the quality of its infrastructures and safe, secure environment, and diverse with its packed calendar of events, rich cultural life, and top-class services, all in a country of just two square kilometres. 

The campaign will be used for both leisure tourism and business tourism across all markets, featuring in both print and online media.
Instantly recognisable with its Riviera blue background and one of Monaco's best-known places in the foreground, with an elegant and minimalist style, each visual will feature a phrase inviting the reader to imagine themselves in the destination.

The strategy will be adapted to meet the needs of five well-defined traveller profiles.
Particular attention is paid to new tourist habits and modes of communication important to travellers, such as instagrammability and sustainability.

Monaco makes every experience unique. So unique that nobody can claim to have experienced it anywhere else. Because the Principality of Monaco is quite simply like nowhere else. 

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