Maria IACONO, Event Director - Les Assises de la Cybersécurité & Ready for IT
“For an event director, it’s vital to be able to work in a spirit of trust with the local professionals and stakeholders hosting your event.
In Monaco, we have forged a genuine partnership based on dialogue and sharing with both the Tourist & Convention Authority and local stakeholders. That helped us to successfully negotiate the difficult pandemic period, and means we can now be confident about the future of our event.”

Catherine DECUYPER | CEO, Conference Manager EuroMediCom
"Choosing the Principality of Monaco as a venue for the Anti-Aging World Congress was one of the keys to its success. Monaco is an exceptional destination on many counts :The Principality is superbly located, and the climate is mild almost all year round. Everyone involved in organising an event is directly available and present at all stages, from planning the project to carrying it out in full. Monaco Tourist and Convention Authority is a real partner and is keen to offer ongoing help and advice. The Grimaldi Forum is a perfect congress centre; it benefits from being in an amazing location by the sea and the staff who runs it is very professional.The hotels are also real partners, who listened to our needs and took the time to welcome each of the 8,000 participants in the congress as individuals.
All this contributed to creating an almost magical atmosphere, which everyone noticed – conference participants, exhibitors and organisers – and which is recreated every year."

As you are used to serving an extremely demanding international clientele, the level of benefits you provide is quite remarkable.

Jean-Michel MORIN, Senior Director - Dassault Systemes

  Nathalie Grosdidier of IDICE, Organiser of the Luxe Pack
"Luxe Pack found the Grimaldi Forum to be a very pleasant venue with real character. Also, in the Principality everything is conveniently situated in one place, which is very unusual and is very much appreciated by the participants. Exhibitors and visitors meet at the show, but they also interact outside, on the sidelines of the event."

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