Focus on four sustainable initiatives in the Principality

Publication date: 26/09/2022
Monaco's commitment to sustainable development is reflected in practical measures, from waste management to soft mobility.  Here are just four examples of the many sustainable initiatives adopted in the Principality.


Introduced with retailers in 2019, the deposit return scheme was updated at the start of the summer 2022. The aim is simple: to minimise waste and encourage changes in consumer habits, in a country where the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions is the incineration of plastic. Given the importance of managing this type of waste, the Prince's Government launched MaConsigne, in line with its policy of completely eliminating single-use plastics by 2030. There is now a total of 25 retail outlets offering re-usable glass containers and 20 collection points across Monaco, providing a short-circuit circular waste management system that fits seamlessly into the Monegasque ecosystem. This is the idea behind MaConsigne, available via the app of the same name!

Klaxit Monaco

Every day, some 100,000 vehicles enter and leave the Principality, while 50,000 commuters use the local road network to get to work, and on average each vehicle is carrying just 1.1 passengers... Given these figures, the Government opted to move up a gear and promote car sharing. The result was the Klaxit Monaco project: an app that lets users share cars and the costs of their journeys. The scheme has been a big success, with the total distance travelled by Klaxit users since the launch in September 2020 now topping 1 million kilometres!


Responsible Trading
As part of its crusade against waste, the Principality has launched its "Responsible Trading" label. Open to all goods and services retailers, the scheme highlights their environmentally-friendly practices and supports their efforts to promote sustainable consumption. The 90 shops and restaurants that have signed up to the lavel undertake to abide by numerous mandatory clauses, covering issues such as waste reduction, the adoption of a transition towards "reusable" materials, and contributing to the local and ethical movement (local produce, short distribution circuits, etc.). Actions designed to raise awareness among their customers. 

1 million litres of fresh water. That's how much a beach shower uses over the course of one summer. At a time when it is essential to save water each summer, the Principality decided to carry out an experiment, installing an eco-friendly shower in the Larvotto seaside complex. The shower works on a closed circuit system with an integrated water treatment unit. In addition to saving water, the "smart" shower also has a screen displaying practical information such as precise weather updates and water quality.

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