Calculate the carbon footprint of your event in Monaco!

Calculate the carbon footprint of your event in Monaco with this tool specially developed by Visit Monaco with the support of the Mission for Energy Transition. 

The Monaco Convention Bureau is here to help you organise your event sustainably, with this new online carbon calculator*.
Depending on your circumstances, there are two options:

  • You don’t yet have all the details, but would like our recommendations now, to ensure your event is sustainable from the start. If this is you, opt for the simplified version.
  • You have nearly all of the details of your event’s organisation. If this is you, opt for version 2, which is more comprehensive.

In both cases, you will receive a quick estimate of your event’s carbon footprint, along with personalised recommendations on how to reduce it.

* The online carbon calculator is an educational tool used to provide a general estimate of your carbon footprint. It is not intended to replace a complete carbon footprint report produced by a professional. 

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